Reviews and Press


“…the eloquent trombonist, Joel Yennior…”

       -Ben Ratliff, New York Times


“Every jazz musician who transcends passing music fashions has a ‘signature sound.’ Duke Ellington told me, “A musician’s sound is his soul.” Trombonist Joel Yennior’s Big City Circus is ‘soul music’ – beyond categories. This is a recording that will reverberate in listener’s autobiographies long after the music stops.”

       -Nat Hentoff, Renowned Author and NEA Jazz Master


“Joel Yennior is fluid and intelligent on the trombone…”

       -Downbeat Magazine


“Who is a revelation is phenomenal trombonist Joel Yennior, of luxurious sound, marked vibrato, and irresistible and overflowing mighty swing.”

       -Thomas Werner, Diario La Republica (Uruguay)


“There must be few trombonists around who could touch Yennior.  His playing is a joy to listen to and he can get notes and gimmicks from the instrument that are surely all his own.”

       -Mike Cook, Euro Club de


“Yennior, best known for his time in Boston’s Either/Orchestra, plays with an eye for melody that constantly steers his solos away from the abrasive; the rhythm is pure hard bop, but inventive.”

       -Chris Sheridan, Jazz Review Magazine (UK)


“Yennior plays with a confidence beyond his years.  His tone is expressive and his flexibility is outstanding.”

       -International Trombone Association Journal